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Intranet Links: Keck Hospital of USC / USC Norris Cancer Center

USC Health Information/IT Virtual Help Desk

Health IT Help Desk (Not Intranet only)

Synapse 3D
KMC Cerner (EMR & App Bar - Login with Medmail)

KMC Vitrea Core (Intranet Access on Synape Workstations)

Vitrea 6 workflow guides (zip'd download)

KMC iMedConsent (Not Intranet only)
USC Healthstream (Not Intranet only)

Keck Hospital Imaging Services Policies and Procedures

KMC Powerscribe 4.0 (Physician Portal for Sign-off - Intranet)

Keck Hospital Cafeteria Link (Not Intranet only)
KMC Synapse 4 Reservations Explanation (PDF)

LAC + USC Medical Center Intranet / Affinity Clinical Workstation

Physician Signature Verification/Pager Link

Vitrea Access / County Vitrea Access PDF

ORCHID intranet link

Remote Access: Keck Hospital of USC and USC Norris Cancer Hospital PACS / Synapse 4 Reservations (PDF)

Keck Hospital / Norris Cerner EMR (through Keck Portal)

Google Chrome / Cerner ICA file fix

KMC Vitrea Core (VES) Remote Access

Vitrea 6 workflow guides (zip'd download)


LAC VDI / MyRemotePC (New Remote Access)

LAC + USC Synapse (Old Remote Access) Login Window Pic


Radiology Directories: USC Roster & Contact Numbers: USC Radiology Schedules:
Keck Hospital of USC Radiology Directory

DOR Roster 2019-2010 v4

Keck Tech Schedule (Intranet Qgenda)
USC Norris Cancer Center Radiology Directory HCC Radiology Contact Numbers Verdugo Hills Tech Schedule Jan 2019
Healthcare Consultation Center (HCC) Directory LAC + USC Radiology Faculty/Staff Directory

Keck Body Daily Schedule (Intranet Qgenda)

LAC + USC Radiology Directory   Oct Tumor Board/Interdisciplinary Conference
Verdugo Hospital Radiology Phone List Medical Oncology Pager List 7/1/13

KMC / County Attending Call Schedule 2019 - 2020

  Norris Clinics Schedule v 2018  
  Urology HC3 Contact List Block 4 LAC Body Resident
  USC Liver Cancer Center Contacts
    Body Fellows Rotation Schedule 2019-20
  Family Medicine Team Triage and Contacts Radiology Resident Master Rotation Schedule v1

LAC Body Afterhours Workflow 6/2018

Body Swing Computer Screen KVM fix


LAC Emergency Radiology Workflow (2/2014)


Dr. Cheng's Links:

Cheng's Home Page link



Adrenal CT Washout Calculator

Adrenal MRI Calculator

Hepatic Fat MRI Calculator



ReportDiff (KH/Norris/HCC2 intranet only) ReportDiff Overview




Dr. Duddalwar's Research Website


Quick Useful Links:

Vitrea 6 workflow guides (zip'd download)

LAC Body Afterhours Workflow 6/2018

Overnight CT esophagram workflow (KMC)


DOR Interdisciplinary Conferences

Percutaneous Drain Management Tutorial

Fistula-in-ano worksheet (M. Master)

CT Colonography


Coronary CTA in the ED Pocket Guide

Liver OPTN Classes

USC Healthstream

Norris 3D Renal Tumor Workflow / Norris 3D Synapse

ACR Practice Guidelines

LAC Critical Results / Urgent Findings Policy**










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