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Intranet Links: Keck Hospital of USC / USC Norris Cancer Center

USC Health Information/IT Virtual Help Desk

Health IT Help Desk (Not Intranet only)

Synapse 3D
KMC Cerner (EMR & App Bar - Login with Medmail)
KMC Vitrea Core (Intranet Access on Synape Workstations)
KMC iMedConsent (Not Intranet only)
USC Healthstream (Not Intranet only)
Keck Hospital Imaging Services Policies and Procedures
Keck Hospital Cafeteria Link (Not Intranet only)
KMC Synapse 4 Reservations Explanation (PDF)

LAC + USC Medical Center Intranet / Affinity Clinical Workstation

Physician Signature Verification/Pager Link

Vitrea Access / County Vitrea Access PDF

ORCHID intranet link

Remote Access: Keck Hospital of USC and USC Norris Cancer Hospital PACS / Synapse 4 Reservations (PDF)
KMC Powerscribe 360 (Physician Portal for Sign-off) / iPad app ("Site" Keck)

Keck Hospital / Norris Cerner EMR (through Keck Portal)

Google Chrome / Cerner ICA file fix

KMC Vitrea Core (VES) Remote Access
LAC VDI / MyRemotePC (New Remote Access)
LAC + USC Synapse (Old Remote Access) Login Window Pic


Radiology Directories: USC Roster & Contact Numbers: USC Radiology Schedules:
Keck Hospital of USC Radiology Directory

DOR Roster 2019-2010 v2

Keck Tech Schedule (Intranet Qgenda)
USC Norris Cancer Center Radiology Directory HCC Radiology Contact Numbers Verdugo Hills Tech Schedule Jan 2019
Healthcare Consultation Center (HCC) Directory LAC + USC Radiology Faculty/Staff Directory

Keck Body Daily Schedule (Intranet Qgenda)

LAC + USC Radiology Directory   Sept Tumor Board/Interdisciplinary Conference
Verdugo Hospital Radiology Phone List Medical Oncology Pager List 7/1/13

DOR Interdisciplinary Conferences

  Norris Clinics Schedule v 2018  
  Urology HC3 Contact List Block 3 Body Resident
  USC Liver Cancer Center Contacts
    Body Fellows Rotation Schedule 2019-20
  Family Medicine Team Triage and Contacts Radiology Resident Master Rotation Schedule v1

LAC Body Afterhours Workflow 6/2018

Body Swing Computer Screen KVM fix



LAC Emergency Radiology Workflow (2/2014)



Dr. Cheng's Links:

Cheng's Home Page link



Adrenal CT Washout Calculator

Adrenal MRI Calculator

Hepatic Fat MRI Calculator



ReportDiff (KH/Norris/HCC2 intranet only) ReportDiff Overview




Dr. Duddalwar's Research Website


Quick Useful Links:

LAC Body Afterhours Workflow 6/2018

Overnight CT esophagram workflow (KMC)



Percutaneous Drain Management Tutorial

Fistula-in-ano worksheet (M. Master)

CT Colonography


Coronary CTA in the ED Pocket Guide

Liver OPTN Classes

USC Healthstream

Norris 3D Renal Tumor Workflow / Norris 3D Synapse

ACR Practice Guidelines

LAC Critical Results / Urgent Findings Policy**










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