Emergency Radiology Protocols and Procedures


LAC Body Afterhours Workflow 1/1/20

Departmental Policies
Central Lines for CT in Emergency Radiology
MRI Algorithm for Appendicitis
MR Call Back (Evaluation of Appendicitis in Pregnancies)
MR Call Back (Evaluation of Appendicitis in Children)
MR Call Back (Spinal Cord Compression Evaluation)
Extremity CTA Interpretation Protocol
Hip Aspiration Policy
PACS Downtime Procedures
Pediatric Intussusception Flow Chart / Policy / Vachon PPT
Imaging the Pregnant Woman for Non-Obstetric Reasons
Emergency Radiology Overnight Resident Guidelines
CTA Aortic Dissection Flow Chart


Procedures Presentations
Emergency Joint Aspiration Presentation
Minimally Invasive Procedures Presentation


AAST Organ Grading for Kidney, Liver, & Spleen Injury
One Legacy CAP Report Guidelines