Body Division Response to COVID-19



Paracentesis protocol on KMC COVID units
LAC+USC CT protocol for procedure on COVID/PUI 4/16/20
KMC Radiology Procedural/Imaging Workflow Inpatient
KMC Radiology Procedural/Imaging Workflow Outpatient
LAC Workforce Members Guidance for COVID-19 Self-Monitoring, Exposures and Work Restrictions
KMC PPE Guidelines




Resident Staffing
BI division Staffing


Body Division Response to COVID (from the Chiefs)
Remote Read KMC using large monitor and attached laptop
Remote Read County (Tapas tips)
County VDI installation user guide / Link to VMware (windows) download
Remote Read Phil's Technical Notes
County Dictation Methods Remotely / Remote Fluency Dictation Guide
Fluency Navigation Tip
Speed of systems might be improved by using direct internet connectivity (ethernet) rather than over WiFi
Remotely, PS mic might be delayed, so wait to dictate after pressing button.



STR position statement COVID @ recent annual meeting
RSNA webinar on preparedness for COVID (youtube video)

STR statement regarding COVID:

At this time, the Society of Thoracic Radiology (STR) and the American Society of Emergency Radiology (ASER) do not recommend routine CT screening for diagnosis of patients under investigation for COVID-19. Chest CT can be restricted to patients who test positive and are suspected of complications such as abscess or empyema.