USC Body Imaging Meeting Presentations


2006 ARRS Educational Exhibit

Minimally Invasive Imaging Guided Procedures:

A practical update of routine and novel body interventional procedures

John Grimm, George Matcuk, David Broumandi, Suzanne Palmer


2006 RSNA

CT-guided Transgluteal and Transperineal Percutaneous Biopsy and Drainage of Deep Pelvic Structures: Anatomy, Indications, Technique and Potential Complications

TM Nguyen, WD Boswell, PA Nedumaran, HG Pimenta, FM Wu, V Duddalwar


2007 RSNA Exhibit

Pancreatic MRI

An Electronic Atlas of Pancreatic Imaging

Bonnie Garon, Howard Youngworth, Lusine Tumyan, Miriam Romero, Suzanne Palmer

2008 ARRS Exhibit

"Rule out foreign body": How to routinely find missing surgical device through optimization of image acquisition, protocol standardization and physician communication

Jerome Tsai, Gilbert Whang, Greg Mogel, Suzanne Palmer


2011 RSNA Exhibit

The ABC's of Tumor Markers for Radiologists

Steven Allison, Monish Laxpati, Natalia Dvorak, Miriam Romero, Phillip Cheng, Vinay Duddalwar




The Art of Flap Reconstruction: Preoperative Imaging of the Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforators (DIEP)

Miriam Romero, Nicole French Darcy, Vinay Duddalwar