USC Radiology Protocols


Health Science Campus Protocols


*** FLOWCHARTS (updated 11/14/18):


Contrast Allergy Premedication


Iodinated Contrast



Iodinated Contrast

DHS LAC Expected Practices for IV contrast and Renal Function Screening

IV Contrast Allergy Premedication Regimen Guidelines

Contrast Induced Nephropathy Overview

Contrast with Elevated Creatinine / Contrast Administration Guidelines


Frank Chen's Summary of Iodinated Contrast & Metformin


Guidelines for Oral / Bladder Usage in Patients with History of IV contrast hypersensitivities

Water Soluble Contrast Protocol (Fluoroscopy)


Gadolinium Contrast


Gadolinium and GFR

Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis Lecture (Palmer 2013)


KMC & LAC Noncontrast and Oral Contrast Policy (Oct 2014)
Image Guided Procedures
Glucagon Information Sheet

CT Colonography

General Policy / Guidelines

CTC Patient Instructions (Bowel preparation)

CTC Bowel Preparation Prescription (Norris)

CTC Vitrea Reference Guide

Percutaneous Drain Management Tutorial
GI Fluoroscopy Protocols / Articles


Keck Medical Center Specific Protocols

Reports from Imaging Procedures and Communicating Critical Findings
Emergency Liver Biopsy (BMT patients)
Overnight CT esophagram workflow (KMC)


LAC Radiology Specific Protocols

CT Resident Protocoling Responsibilities

LAC Moderate Sedation Policy

Sedation Drug Policy

LAC US Guided Procedures

BI Section Ultrasound Biopsy Policy

County Pre Procedure Lab Tests

County Post Procedure Orders

County Rectal Contrast / Oral Contrast Policy
Coronary CTA in the ED Pocket Guide

Pediatric Intussusception Protocol

Vachon PPT

Intussusception Video

SitzMarks (LAC)



Interventional Radiology Tables (Bleeding Risk)

Updated SIR Periprocedural Management of Coagulation Status (JVIR 2019 article Part 1 / Part 2)


ACR Contrast Reaction Summary


ACR Manual on Contrast Medium 2017